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Welcome to the Individual artist section. 
This section is appropriate for Artists who move around to other studios who may not already have accreditation, artists who are in a permanent place of work, but the studio doesn't yet carry accreditation and for individuals looking to start an apprenticeship without a studio member backing them.

As an individual member, you will receive the accreditation (upon application and approval) and will be published on our LIVE PUBLIC ACCESS LIST of accredited Tattoo Artists. Apprentices will also be listed here and labeled as apprentices for studios who may be looking to hire from the pool of accredited individuals.

With this you are welcome to use the Consent Form Template and are eligible for a 50% discount on ANY of our training Courses.
This includes our Monthly coaching.



In order to become accredited, we must collect some information about you. We need to know if you are meeting our safety guidelines as outlined in the LEVEL 1 - BASICS AND SAFETY COURSE by asking a few questions. If you are new and are starting your tattoo career with us, you will need to sign up and complete the LEVEL 1 in order to become accredited. If you purchase your year membership and then sign up, you will be able to use your 50% discount on the course!

The next thing is to agree and stick to our Code of Conduct. It is probably very close to what you already do already, with a few minor tweaks (if any). Once these criteria are met, we can accredit you with the ASSOCIATE membership. This tells your clients and potential employers that you are recognized by the F.F.T and are a professional in the field for Safety and Compliance.
This separates us from the Scratchers that are popping up all over. This helps us show local governments we are taking a stand against bad tattoo practices throughout the country. YOU are the new standard of excellence with us at your back.

We look forward to you joining the F.F.T

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